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We categorize because it's effective. It helps us make sense of an increasingly complex world. It allows us to lump things together, generalize our descriptions of these collections, and feel more secure and confident that how we understand and process our environment is correct and well-developed.

Unfortunately, this is misguided. At the very least, our categories and understandings have become too rigid and too resistant to change and adaptation. It's crucial to continually challenge what we think we're doing right, to consider new ways to utilize our new tools and data, and to converse and bridge divides in order to work together.

It is the philosophy at The Mental Marketplace that these aspirations can, in part, be achieved through improved education, communication, and advocacy. Educational programs must recognize the morphing societal and economic landscape and respond with forward-thinking training. The humanities and the sciences need to interact, exchange ideas, and improve the communication of our discoveries and ideas. We need to foster dialogue, not burden it, share in our triumphs, and approach our adventures on the horizon as a global community.