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The Mental Marketplace is intended to serve as a collection of ruminations on various topics relating to science. While describing all of the material as relating to science is specific enough for some to be immediately uninterested, virtually everything comes down to some sort of science.

Or rather, it should. Unfortunately, the science behind most topics goes ignored. The best solution to any problem is determined by logic and reasoning. Evidence needs to be collected and analyzed, possibilities and outcomes need to be considered, and, most importantly, some sort of policy, some sort of prepared response, needs to be crafted and implemented efficiently. Hopefully, the Mental Marketplace offers up some insight.

Andrew L. DuFresne, Ph.D. is the primary contributor to The Mental Marketplace. After earning his Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry from Worcester Polytechnic Institute, he went on to attain a Ph.D. in Biochemistry, Cellular, and Molecular Biology at The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. However, his interests always remained broader, including education, science communication, science advocacy, health and science policy, development, economics, and technology. At the center of all of his interests, though, is the need for an improved application of the scientific method toward the design of lasting solutions for society's woes.